It’s necessary to experience leadership in different mediums, as more than just reading words. Leadership is sometimes easier to understand when it’s presented in a story, and some of the best stories we have are in movies. Actors and actresses put themselves into characters and bring leadership to life for us.

Here are six aspects of leadership as seen on the big screen.


  1. Creating a Vision


A leader shows people an idea so vividly, they can see it and make it their own.

  1. Networking with Others

The Big Kahuna

A leader gets to know people as humans, listening to them and connecting openly and honestly on a deeper level.

  1. Setting Goals

Hidden Figures

A leader often finds themselves as the first person to do something many times.

  1. Showing Weakness

Saving Private Ryan

A leader reveals their weaknesses and doubts, showing those that follow that leaders are not perfect, but they still try.

  1. Giving Feedback


A leader can adapt feedback on an individual level.

  1. Dealing with Problems

The Blind Side

A leader does what’s right for other people, even if it’s to their own sacrifice.


What’s your favorite leadership scene in film?

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