Cameroon Education Project

This project was started during my MBA program at the College of William & Mary’s Mason School of Business. I was to choose a wicked problem that was important and/or relevant to me. Previously working in communications, I found myself drawn to solving problems at an interpersonal level. I began to wonder how to help people in the most effective way, finding that the least developed countries were in the most need of assistance. After reading not only the current efforts to raise these communities from poverty, I read criticisms of how some donation efforts and business models can actually perpetuate poverty traps (herehere, and here, for starters).

Vision | To make education accessible and effective in every region of the world

My efforts needed to solve a problem that really existed, not just a symptom. I reached out to contacts and began connecting with and interviewing individuals who grew up in developing countries, working to find a root problem and not just a symptom. After many interviews, I found a stark difference in the opportunities in education between my world and theirs. It is here where I decided to start.

After choosing to address education, I initially focused on incentives for parents to send their children to school in developing countries. Across the different courses, I developed the project, applying specific concepts from each business subject to the wicked problem to create a solution. The project has grown substantially larger in scale, working to address teacher training, national and local budgeting, foreign investment assistance, distance learning, and educational programming.

Research Papers