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In life, we often let small things slide because of their minimal effect on the big picture. It’s only when a large event occurs that we decide to make drastic changes, if even then.

Hospitality isn’t just an industry, it’s how leaders should set their mindset. See what insights a bartender has about leadership.

Trying to find your career path can be overwhelming, but we can find inspiration in art for making these decisions.

When do we crossover from wanting to change the system to protecting the way it is? I propose it’s when we get bitter about not being able to change it ourselves.

Growth is a word that is thrown around, but how often do we stop and take in what amount of growth we have actually attained. I put down into words what I’ve learned thus far in life and how I believe that can affect us today.

When Shark Tank debuted in 2009, I admit I wasn’t interested in business in the slightest. It wasn’t until 2012 that I saw an episode, but I was instantly hooked. It was an internal look, albeit highly edited, into some of the things entrepreneurs face when they’re trying to grow a business. The show’s success

Can success be a bad thing? If you lost sight of where you’re going and why, you can fall into the cycle of feeding a monster, with no idea how to get out.

Have you ever wondered how some people produce such great content? Yes, with practice comes perfection, but there are some key areas that can take your creations to that next level.

I bet your wallet says a lot about you. Cash, credit cards, old receipts, maybe. Did you know you have a leadership wallet too? It carries all the aspects of leadership you keep close to you for when you need them on a daily basis.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many leaders in my life, and I’ve learned some incredible lessons about business. These are the best ones I experienced.

How do you prepare for a crisis? Though you never know when they’ll arise, you can make preparations so that you’re more prepared before and during a crisis, personal or professional.

Many people think working in abundance earns promotions, but in reality, it can cause real issues in numerous places in your life.

Gratitude serves multiple purposes and gives leaders multiple rewards. With four types of gratitude, you can take your leadership to the next level.

It’s likely that some of your problems can be solved with straight forward solutions. But what about the ones that need something else? Jump-start your creative thinking skills with these books

If you’re considering going back to school, there are some specific considerations you should make before diving in.

It might be futile to try and control biases, but leaders can take specific actions to train new behaviors and skills for better results and motivated improvements.

A brutally honest look at what happens outside of the strategies for finding a job, and what you can do to keep pushing forward.

Across so many authors and so many stories, I learned a lot from finishing this audacious goal.

When you set a goal, it is like creating a company. With this mindset, you can approach the various aspects of your goal more effectively.

Check out these 9 ways to make small differences in your day that will add up to big results.

The leaders of yesterday defined themselves differently than what the world defines for leadership today. Revolutionary leadership requires a new breed of leader.

Whether the value of teamwork is obvious to you or not, here are my favorite books for promoting teamwork from any position to create more collaboration and commitment.

Whether starting anew or revamping your leadership role with a fresh take, here are the five pieces to consider to make and execute strategy.

Some people dismiss the need to develop leadership skills. Find out how you can use these skills in any position.

How often do you sidestep responsibilities because they seem menial or a waste of time? It can reflect poorly on leaders who do this.

If you’ve ever felt like Dorothy, in a strange new world, meeting new people, and taking on seemingly insurmountable obstacles, you’re on the right road to effective leadership.

How often do we really interpret leadership quotes?

Leadership is as much about what you say as what you do. Check if your leadership includes any of these attitudes and see what you can replace them with.

When people feel like their opinion differs from the majority, they tend to drift toward the majority opinion. This creates numerous problems for leaders.

Artificial intelligence stands to replace many positions in the workforce, but what is going to be more difficult to mimic for leadership roles?

I’ve read about a lot of leaders, but I have experienced Gary Vaynerchuk’s leadership and it changed how I see myself.

The first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, Wangari Maathai not only led The Green Belt Movement to plant over 20 million trees, but empowered women across Africa to fight for their rights.

How many employees think leaders lack clarity in their communications? Find this and other statistics that gave shape to leadership development in 2017.

A leader is someone we look to as a role model for guidance. They must know their own strengths and weaknesses and protect others. Just like a superhero.

When the ocean is calm, we can plan and predict to our heart’s content. But when the waves come, our resilience is tested. What do you do before the waves?

When the ocean is calm, we can plan and predict to our heart’s content. But when the waves come, our resilience is tested. What do you do before the waves?

How do you currently deal with other people? Where do you focus your attention? Self-awareness has a lot to do with your answers.

Failure is seen as the opposite of success, not a path to success. We unconsciously tell ourselves, “If I fail, I am a failure.” Find out why this makes no sense when we look at failure as an opportunity.

Leadership should be experienced in different forms. Sometimes that includes watching it on the big screen and being inspired by our favorite characters.

A continuation of the mindsets of leadership from “The Emperor’s New Groove”.

What do Disney and a 180-year-old Danish story have to teach us about leadership?

Your active listening skills might need work. How do leaders align this skill with their goals?

Using the concept of relaxation, we can solve problems with more optimal solutions by imagining the most optimal solution.

Bringing more money into your pocket doesn’t have to be bad for your employer. But you have to frame it correctly. I recount a story of negotiating a salary and what I found that worked.

What drives you doesn’t necessarily drive the person next to you. How can you find out what employees (or anyone) wants deep down to make them more passionate in their work?

Optimism might be overrated when evaluating effective leadership. It’s not because it’s a negative concept, but rather it doesn’t represent the reality of a leader’s perspective.

Check out this summary of why networking matters to your leadership skills. The ability to capitalize on your own strengths while mitigating your weaknesses relies on your connection to others.

Problems will happen no matter how well prepared you are. But how well prepared are you?

Sherwin-Williams had the opportunity to pay out $1,000,000 for the home run in the bucket, despite a technicality of the ruels. Here’s why those rules really don’t matter in the end.

Let’s examine the key points that people should keep in mind while going through the process. Check out this infographic for Design Thinking pitfalls.

A small startup called Bodega came under fire for being misguided in their initial rollout. One of their founders wrote a response to back to the community. Here’s where he messed up in his response.

Design Thinking is a fantastic way to solve problems you’re facing at your company or organization in all types of projects. These are the key elements that you should know.

Productivity is a step-by-step process of solving problems in your life. Check out these books on improving your productivity!

A leader who exhibits inspirational motivation can give you the mental vision to take any step on any staircase by trusting they know the rest of the staircase will be there. But leadership can also be a vice used for selfishness.

Are you making general conclusions based on incorrect associations? Find out how to avoid making the wrong decision.

Matt Cutts presented the idea of trying something new for 30 days to find out more about yourself. I add a little twist to his challenge.

Think you see all your options? Think again. The Einstellung effect is so subtle, you don’t even know it’s happening.

Located in Wilmington, NC, this coffee shop truly inspires businesses to think about the bigger picture by focusing on the little details that matter.

Everyone knows someone who just cannot admit they’re wrong. If you’re unable to think of someone, it’s probably you.

The classic game is still teaching us about life.

We are an answer-seeking species. We not only want answers, we want them now. But what if we’re asking the wrong questions?

You can’t change what happened in the past. Here’s the architecture for improving the future.

Ever posted something online and deleted it later? This post is for you.