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In life, we often let small things slide because of their minimal effect on the big picture. It’s only when a large event occurs that we decide to make drastic changes, if even then.

Hospitality isn’t just an industry, it’s how leaders should set their mindset. See what insights a bartender has about leadership.

Trying to find your career path can be overwhelming, but we can find inspiration in art for making these decisions.

When do we crossover from wanting to change the system to protecting the way it is? I propose it’s when we get bitter about not being able to change it ourselves.

Growth is a word that is thrown around, but how often do we stop and take in what amount of growth we have actually attained. I put down into words what I’ve learned thus far in life and how I believe that can affect us today.

When Shark Tank debuted in 2009, I admit I wasn’t interested in business in the slightest. It wasn’t until 2012 that I saw an episode, but I was instantly hooked. It was an internal look, albeit highly edited, into some of the things entrepreneurs face when they’re trying to grow a business. The show’s success

Can success be a bad thing? If you lost sight of where you’re going and why, you can fall into the cycle of feeding a monster, with no idea how to get out.

Have you ever wondered how some people produce such great content? Yes, with practice comes perfection, but there are some key areas that can take your creations to that next level.

Cameroon Education Project

This project was started during my MBA program at the College of William & Mary’s Mason School of Business. I was to choose a wicked problem that was important and relevant to me. Previously working in communications, I found myself drawn to solving problems at an interpersonal level. After choosing to address education, I initially focused on incentives for parents to send their children to school in developing countries.

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